Welcome to the Mississippi state website for Dizzy Dean Baseball & Softball.  This site was established for the communities and young people who play Dizzy Dean Baseball and Dizzy Dean Softball in the state of Mississippi. If you would like to become a Dizzy Dean sponsored recreational facility, please contact any National Director.



Dizzy Dean Baseball and Dizzy Dean Softball are not for coaches, parents, or spectators.  They are for the youth that play the game.  Two of the greatest outlets for young people are baseball and softball.  As a professional, Dizzy Dean played baseball for the love of the game.  He played with the same enthusiasm, intensity and energy as the youth play the game today.  Dizzy Dean played because it was fun.  We must continue to make baseball and softball fun without placing undue pressure and stress on our youth.  Our youth come first, winning second.  When you build the character in a youth, you build a winner.
There was no organized baseball in Arkansas while Dizzy Dean was growing up and he was denied the opportunity to play baseball as a young boy.  It was Dizzy Dean's dream that one day every young person would have the opportunity to play ball.  This was Dizzy Dean's dream, this is what Dizzy Dean Baseball is about.

By: Billy J. Powell
Commissioner - 97/98



Bats that are no longer authorized by Dizzy Dean



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Effective March 23, 2017, the BPF 1.15 marked 2 ¾ DeMarini CF Zen-CBZ 17 Model (see pictures attached) has been withdrawn from Dizzy Dean Baseball Inc. sanctioned play by Wilson/DeMarini while the BPF compliance testing on that model is completed. A final decision on this model should be reached in the next 14 days. Please contact DeMarini at or 1-800-800-9932.


The State of Mississippi Executive Board has established the boundaries as the Public High School District in which you live. 

Time Limit Change
The voting body of the Mississippi Dizzy Dean area leagues voted at the February 11, 2017 annual meeting to adopt time limits for tournament games.  All Baseball tournament games in all age groups, will have a time limit according to that age until they reach the championship game(s).  (Common Rule 19:14) All championship games will be no time limit, full 6 inning games according to the rule book.  These time limits are not “drop dead” time limits, which means, you must finish the inning.

Dizzy Dean Pitch Count Changes
The National Board for Dizzy Dean adopted a pitch count this year for boy’s baseball.  Please consult the 2017 rule book for the pitch count chart.  This rule is in effect now and will be used in league play as well as all tournaments.

Changes in bat standards effective 2018
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